Work Experiences

Systems Engineer at Edge Impulse

• Led the effort to bring the Edge Impulse Studio customer data handling practices into compliance with GDPR regulations

• Leveraged Typescript, Express, and PostgreSQL within a Node.js-oriented stack to continue improving the Studio platform’s API and user interface

• Thoroughly tested code through automated tools such as Selenium WebDriver and BuildKite for Continuous Integration

• Maintained the Docker-based service stack to ensure consistent uptime

• Improved metric retrieval and analysis speeds by 10X compared to the previous implementation 

Microsoft Azure Core Internship

• Worked within the Azure Core Software Defined Networking team to improve internal tooling

• Created a library for use with the Microsoft IP Address Management (IPAM) system that combined functionality across the codebase into a single location

• Utilized the .NET framework, C#, and Azure Cloud to refactor legacy code into a cleaner, more concise architecture 

Lead Developer for Procter & Gamble

• Architect for a prototype robotic assistance device based on open-source hardware and Bluetooth IoT communication

• Built a real-time task management system for embedded hardware to handle sensor/Bluetooth inputs and resulting motor outputs 

Software Engineer Internship at Edge Impulse

Lead Developer for University of Wisconsin-Superior

Writer for Hackster News and the Arduino Blog

IoT Engineer for WZMH Architects in Toronto